Monday, April 06, 2009

On the Comeback Trail

It's been a long time since this blog received any attention from me. At a certain point, the mere effort of trying to write an entry became one of the most difficult tasks imaginable. "What's the point?" is the question I'd most often ask myself. "Who cares what you think?" From there, it is a very short distance to, "No one reads your blogs, anyway." From there, it's almost no distance at all to writing nothing at all.

Then, for a time, as I would watch the news or read reports on the internet about the presidential election campaign in 2008, I would consider returning here -- but, as was the case with the election itself, the results of the vote were all too obvious; and so there was virtually no incentive to say anything.

However, it has been brought to my attention that I have the responsibility to speak out -- and not just to speak, but to proclaim the Truth -- and that my silence is a mark against me. I have no argument to counter that observation. As such, even though we have just (barely) completed the grueling fifth week of Great Lent, with the feast of the Annunciation services just hours away, and then Holy Week and Pascha -- despite all that, I have made a pledge to return to being present here, and at my other site (Rumblings from a Desert Cave), where I post the sermons I've written. The goal as of now -- is this too ambitious? -- is to post at least once a week.

Once upon a time, there were friends who read what was here, and made comments, and were notified whenever new material was added. I don't know if anyone is still listening; but here we go...