Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Battle Lines are Being Drawn

"AN ISLAMIC campaign group has called for a Catholic primary school to
be based on the Muslim faith.

"The Campaign for Muslim Schools said 90 per cent of pupils at St
Albert's Primary, in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow, are Muslim,
yet children are having to take part in Catholic rituals like saying
the Lord's Prayer and attending mass."

"The call came just days after Scotland's most senior Catholic,
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, sparked controversy by stating that Scotland's
core faith was Christianity and that other faiths should recognise
they were 'living in Scotland as a Christian country'. A spokesman for
the Catholic Church in Scotland was not available for comment tonight."

(The full story is available at

This has implications for every Christian nation (including the USA);
especially given both the demographics involved, and the fact that the
fastest-growing religion in western Europe and North America is the
Islamic religion.

We probably all know the joke of the two Russians who meet on the
train, and begin comparing notes on their church and faith; and find,
at about the 17th element, that they finally disagree; at which point,
the one says to the other, "You're nothing but a filthy heretic!"

Our enemies aren't going to make the distinctions that are often made by those who are all too quick to say that such-and-such a group is not part of the Orthodox Church.

We can focus on what separates us; or we can focus on what we have in
common.... the Orthodox Church, and the Orthodox faith.