Friday, December 17, 2004

The Depravity Within

Some of these reports are not for the faint of heart, nor the weak of stomach. Accordingly, one might ask, why even bother to make mention of them? Read on, O intrepid explorers of the blogosphere, read on...

Are there truly people in the world who are so desperate for a child that they will kill a pregnant woman and cut her open to obtain the fetus in her womb? Unfortunately, the answer is, "Yes." The latest report comes from Missouri. By the grace of God, the child was found alive in this case. It is not always so. There are enough children in orphanages around the world who would love to have someone adopt them, to love and care for them. But for some people, I guess this isn't enough.

Meanwhile, from Cancun, Mexico, comes a report that "takes the measure of a man." What is that? Man "tastes like lamb" -- at least, if he is roasted. Stewing is not the best option, according to the lost soul of this report.

Have you heard about "Project Entropia?" It must be spectacular. A 22-year old man in Australia has paid $26,500 for the rights to develop a 6,000 acre desert island in a virtual reality game. That's right: it's not a real island; it's an island in a computer game. The cash, however, is real. As of this writing, there are 185,425 people registered to play the game, in which buyers and sellers market virtual items for actual cash. What, there aren't already enough things to spend your money on? On the other hand, storing your virtual acquisitions will require, uh, virtually (sorry, couldn't resist) no closet space...

It may be that the last item is the most disturbing of all -- even more so than murder for abduction, and murder for consumption. (No cannibal jokes, please.) To take a life, created by God, and irreplaceable, is a staggering act. To take the material blessings that have been given to us by God and to use them to buy a building lot on a virtual island and build a virtual mansion there, instead of feeding the people in the real world who are hungry, and housing the homeless, and clothing the naked (and building for ourselves mansions in heaven thereby)... Has humanity, apart from God, sunk so low? And, given that it appears to be so, we must ask: How long, now, until our Lord returns? And, are we ready for the great and terrible Day of Judgment?