Tuesday, October 12, 2004

"Wealth and 'Illth'"

I've just finished reading an absolutely excellent posting by Huw Raphael; and there's no way for me to try to describe it, because he's said it better than I could hope to achieve. Here's an excerpt:
Robert Anton Wilson (perhaps quoting someone else) uses the word "wealth" in opposition to the neologism "illth". Think about it for a moment - if something promotes the "common weal" of things, it's called "wealth". What about those things that decidedly do not promote the "weal" of anyone? Ill and "illth" seem correct.

One more taste:
So, do I carry St Gregory's teaching one step further? Is it possible that the extra money I have isn't mine? Yes, I worked for it, yes, I earned it. That's not what I'm saying. I have it at God's grace. For what has He given it to me if not for His own greater glory?

To read the full article -- and you really do want to read it -- just click HERE.