Saturday, October 23, 2004

Some Political Ads Worth Sharing

WABC-AM radio personality Mark Simone has crafted a fake ad that does a pretty good job of catching Sen. John Kerry at his, uh, "best." I'm afraid that a forced reboot has caused me to be unable to find the source that originally directed me to this site, so that I can't properly give them credit. The description is found at the News Talk Radio 77 website; and the ad itself can also be heard here (make sure your sound is turned on).

This ad was quite moving: see Ashley's Story. My thanks to Michele at A Small Victory for this one.

This is probably it until Monday at the earliest... (Yes, I know, I've said things like that before...)

MONDAY UPDATE: Here's another shot at the election -- and, no doubt, what some people fear will be true... Bush Wins Florida!