Saturday, October 23, 2004

Comments and Comments

If you take a look at the bottom of each message here, you're going to find it reads something like "Comments (x)|Trackback (x) (x)comments" (where x= some number >= 0).

Here's what's going on. The first "Comments" field is based on Haloscan; and is going to be phased out, as I have elected to move away from allowing anonymous commentators to leave comments. The final field for "comments" is powered by Blogger; and you'll be required to sign in to leave a comment. In a way, I'm sorry to take this step; but I find it to be necessary, given recent developments. My thanks to Huw Raphael for his advice and assistance in addressing this situation.

So, unless you want your comments to disappear -- which they will when the Haloscan side is dropped, and you've chosen to comment there -- please be sure to use the right-hand "(x) comments" link. Thanks.