Saturday, August 07, 2004

All Work and No Play...

My apologies to those who find some of my recent messages to be too long. As a friend in seminary used to say, "It takes me two pages just to clear my throat..." I'm open to suggestions as to how to cover the same ground, but in smaller bites...

Nothing serious today! But I want to share some funny things that have come my way of late; sometimes we can all use a good laugh.

If you haven't already seen it, the parody of Woody Guthrie's "This Land" is an absolutely wonderful bit of (much-needed) political satire. And it's an equal opportunity offender! (That is, neither candidate is spared...)

Also, if you haven't yet seen any of the "Trunk Monkey" spots, here are the two I think are the best: the "Accident" bit; and the "Car Retrieval" bit. (Please note that these are in the Quicktime format; you can download it here. If you want them in Windows Media format, go to the main site, scroll down, and then click on the Windows Media Player link.)

Finally, check out "The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman." These are two ads for American Express; but the "plug" for the card is very low-key; and you can bypass the link to sign up for the card and return to the main page without any trouble. (And if you want to apply for an Amex card, it's simple to do so.) I highly recommend watching them in order; as there is material in the second that plays off the first one. Check out also the short bits; the answering machine (you'll see it at the site); and last, but not least, the "playable" sing-a-long.

Well, more serious stuff will undoubtedly come; but in the meanwhile, have fun!