Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This Just In...

Louisiana and the "Baggy Pants" Bill
The House of Representatives of the State of Louisiana voted today, 54-39, against the "Baggy Pants" Bill. As the report by the Associated Press notes, the "fashion police" won't be coming to Louisiana. The proposal had called for violators to serve three days of community service and pay a fine up to $175.

Rep. Danny Martiny is reported to have said that the measure would make Louisiana, "the laughingstock of the country." I guess he didn't want to contribute to making his state the, uh, butt of an endless number of jokes. (Sorry; it was too much to pass by...)

We have a Winner!
Those of you wise in the ways of the world spotted this one coming as soon as it was posted. The name of this blog is going to be changed to, "Observations from an Empty Well." The reference to the empty well (as suggested by my wife) keeps the desert theme; while retaining the "Observations" means that those of you who have been kind enough to link to this blog using that term won't have to re-work your link. "Evil Juan" will remain in the URL; and that will have to be enough for me...