Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The "Re-Name this Blog!" Contest

Having been taken to task for what I had thought was a whimsical name for myself (and so for this blog) by my spiritual father, some parishioners, and now by someone known to me only as "anonymous," I guess it's time for me to reiterate my invitation for suggestions for a "better" name for this blog. (This conversation began with the comments to the blog of April 26th, if you'd like a bit of review.) From now through May 5th (mid-Pentecost), send your suggestions for a new name to me. If one strikes my fancy, I'll not only declare it the winner -- I'll change the blog name!

I like to think of myself as being cleverly funny (we're all entitled to our illusions, aren't we?); and so I'd like a blog name that conveys that, without giving offense. (Is such a thing possible?) I've considered, "Observations from an Airhead Father"; but someone somewhere is sure to take issue with what will be called a disrespect for the clergy; or, at least, for the high calling which has been entrusted to me, an unworthy sinner. "Observations from a Desert Father", which "James of the Northwest" has sagely suggested could be used because it is true (as in: I am a priest; and Phoenix is in the desert; so...), might suggest that I think myself worthy to be included with the authentic Desert Fathers. Far from it! The best I could hope for there would be to appear with them on a poster as the "Before" example!

Well, let me hear from you!