Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Meet the Evil Juan

Why am I doing this? Probably because a good friend (Steve -- check out http://confessio.blogspot.com) said I should start blogging. Like I have anything worth saying... Or anything different... Just what the world needs: another blog!

OK, so maybe it isn't that bad. (Or maybe it's worse.) The name? It's from the Lord's Prayer (not the protestant version): "Deliver us from the evil one." Evil one, Evil Juan -- right? That's because I'm Fr. John, an Orthodox priest (most unworthy). Hey, it had to be called something! I know, no marks for "originality"...

I've tried blogging before; but every time the screen came up, I sat there, staring, wondering what to say. Each time (up until now) I just logged out; and never went back. (There's a trail of abandoned blogs out there, empty, void, blank, with my name on them...) At least there are words here with this attempt.

It's not that I lack an opinion on, like everything. Ask anyone who knows me... If they're a friend, they'll say something like, "He was vaccinated with a phonograph needle." (How much longer can we keep using that line in a world that is dropping audio CD's for MP3 players?) Well, maybe from time to time there might be something of interest to someone posted here. It may also give me an outlet for the thoughts that don't seem to make it up on the bulletin boards.

Your suggestions and comments are invited.